Stay the hotel Friday night, and stroll around on Saturday and Sunday.
That is the best way to enjoy Nikko.
[VIVA NIKKO] is located just 100 minutes away from Tokyo.

Asakusa Station[21:00(Departure)]⇒Tobu Nikko Station [22:48(Arrival)]

Tokyo[21:32(Departure)]⇒Utsunomiya[22:23(Arrival)]⇒Utsunomiya[22:45(Departure)]⇒JR Nikko[23:26(Arrival)]
*Time table mentioned above is the last run heading for Nikko station.(As January 2003 )


Most of the hotels, inns and pensions in Nikko are located near the Kirifuri highland, Toshogu shrine, lake Chuzenji and Okunikko Yumoto spa.
These locations are far from Nikko station, and bus may not be available for some destinations.
There is just a few hotels and inns within 10 minutes area on foot near the JR/Tobu Nikko station.
Although, some restaurants, bars, convenience stores and supermarkets open at night, it's only to surrounding the Nikko station.
It is hard to find above facilities in other area.
Please be careful to choose your accommodations.